The Main Retail Store

The salt market is one of the oldest markets in Sana'a. It is located in the heart of the old city. From there the establishment started its business in the 1940s. Al Ragawi still enjoys a notable position in the salt market.

Sheratoon Branch

It is located north of the capital Sanaa, and is considered the largest branch, which contains several sections serve the citizen and provide a variety of materials and food commodities.Has been opened to make it easier for enterprise customers who come from towns and villages in northern Yemen, such as Hajjah and Amran, Mareb and other cities.

Shumayla Branch

It is located in the southern part to the capital Sana's in Shumayla market next to Sana'a International Exhibition hall. This branch is inaugurated with the aim of serving the establishment's customers who come from cities and villages in the southern part of the Yemen like Taiz, Dhamar, Ibb, Aden and other cities.