Spices Products

Al Ragawi Spices: Our spices are one of the most famous spices in Yemen and are known all around Yemen. Spices are cleaned, sorted, ground and then packaging in special plant for spices seasonings. In addition to the special labs of sorting and grinding the Yemeni coffee, there is a special section in the plant for cleaning and refining iodized salt. Spices and seasonings are considered an essential part of the Yemeni kitchen.

Products Agencies

Al Ragawi Establishment represents a number of international companies as their sole agent. This includes companies from Southeast Asia, Australia, England and other parts of the world. The establishment also has private products and registered trademarks. These agencies and products are selected carefully so that they are distinguished in the market with their high quality.

Legumes Products

In this department of establishment we work directly with Yemeni farmers to market agricultural products like corn, lentil and broad beans locally and abroad.The establishment prepares such products in accordance with the highest standards to meet the satisfaction of the local and international markets.