About Al Ragawi Trading Es.

Alragawi Trading Corp. is an Entity established in 1954 in Yemen. And practicing its activities in commercial and industrial fields. Alragawi Trading Corp. spread in many governorates in Rep. of Yemen, especially in the most important of them ( Sana'a , Taiz , Aden).

Alragawi Trading Corp. is considered as one of the first corporations in Yemen in terms of the size of its investment and its competitive position in its field in the same market or in terms of their internal structures and their administrative, technical and technological. And it has great confidence and high reputation on the local and foreign levels.

Alragawi Trading Corp., And during practicing of its activities, believe in the necessity of the development and modernization and continuous learning and keeping up with variables renewable and openness to the experiences of others and use them as a necessary condition for growth and development and maintain the leadership and uniqueness at the local level and external.

Also it believes that there is no place for the chance in its work and no for the principle of trial and mistake. But it runs from the principle of proper planning and careful analysis and study of the opportunities and deep look in the future, and believes that the successful performance is coming from a clear vision and effective management and efficient human.

Our Corporation is committed to all its activities in community development and its effective contribute in pushing the wheel of development and economic growth. It's also committed to preserving the identity of reference and respect for human rights in general and the rights of the worker and customer in particular. It Also committed to the conditions of local and regional quality standards and specifications. And preservation of the environment and respect of the law and order and respect for the society that in its shade, we work.

The Corporation, aims to maintain its distinguee and uniqueness position which achieved at all levels. It's also looking to expand its activities and investments. And looking to increase their capacity of competitiveness and potential human and material resources to become a global institution with a broader Activity. Alragawi Trading Corp. also has Extensive and strong relationship with A large number of local, regional and global companies and institutions.