Our Corporation

Alragawi Trading Corp. is an Entity established in 1954 in Yemen. And practicing its activities in commercial and industrial fields. Alragawi Trading Corp. spread in many governorates in Rep. of Yemen, especially in the most important of them ( Sana'a , Taiz , Aden). Alragawi Trading Corp. is considered as one of the first corporations in Yemen in ...

Our History

It's a Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The big success stories start with small beginnings. And that's the journey & the success story for ( Alragawi Trading Corp.) It's a struggle story of 2 brothers (Abdullah & Hussien) they lived their childhood in difficult and very hard circumstances. After their father's death, they have to start their own ...

Our Vision & Mission

The happiness for the person and the society , could be come only through the achievement which exceed the expectations and by serving high quality products and services. And by real competitiveness to achieve the leadership and uniqueness wherever we are and wherever the others are looking for us...

Our Values

Our values are formed from a set of values and principles of professional activity, and social and human relations as the following:
• The sincerity
• The Honesty
• The Faithfulness
• The Persevere
• The Loyalty

Our Goals

1- To move towards the global by exceeding the expectations of our customers in providing products and services of high quality and competitiveness in the production of local products.
2- Creating an attractive environment and rival in its various areas of service marketing and sales through a quantum leap in its sectors by..

The Director's

Aragawi Trading Corp. is taking its attending and constancy from the values and the principles of the humanity keep up with growth and development in every place and time, and that makes them as Allah said " A goodly Word like a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the heavens..