History of The Al Ragawi Trading Es.

It's a Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The big success stories start with small beginnings. And that's the journey & the success story for ( Alragawi Trading Corp.)

It's a struggle story of 2 brothers (Abdullah & Hussien) they lived their childhood in difficult and very hard circumstances. After their father's death, they have to start their own way in their career in very early time step by step but in strong discourage & continued determinedness. And after that all they succeed to create a commercial name that has its position and a good reputation and creditably.

It's a real and successful story that the brothers started by collecting the grains & sell them in the market in the afternoon, whereas they spent their morning in studying in the Orphans' school. They persevere in their studying and their work. They realize the need of studying in order to success in their work. So the experience and skills have been refined and expanded their awareness of the trade. While their education has helped to expand the prospects of their view of the work in the development of their work.

And because of their stability in Sana'a and involvement in the atmospheres of the Almelh market (the most famous traditional & historical market in Yemen) it Has had deep impact in opening new horizons for their work. Then they opened the first store in that famous market and that was the first starting toward broader horizons.

Form that small market, they continued their work in selling the grains. Then they develop their work to the trading field. And that was the trading which was good starting and the beginning of the development and expansion of their work because of the diversity of the field of spices and the importance of its products to the Yemeni consumer. After that they opened a new store next to the first one which was specify for Wholesale Trade in Almelh market with continuing in the grain trade as well as in their expansion by opening the third store which was specify in grains trading next to previous two stores.

The brothers were known in the market by their quality of their goods and their dealing in trading, which can be called (AlRagawi School of Commerce), which is based on the following basis:
- The quality
- Honesty
- Good Dealing
- Customer Satisfaction
- Love of good

And because they follow these fundamentals and commitment, their business has grown and improved later to establish Alragawi Trading Co.. The Prominent role was for Nabil Abdullah Alragawi at the beginning of the establish for the foundation's work because it has become necessary to keep up with the development of work and expansion. 1995 was an important turn in the history of the institution that has increased in their business activity and spread to all Yemeni provinces since that date.