Our Vision

The happiness for the person and the society , could be come only through the achievement which exceed the expectations and by serving high quality products and services. And by real competitiveness to achieve the leadership and uniqueness wherever we are and wherever the others are looking for us.

Our Mission

To offer a unique sample that practicing the high level of the Professionalism in all fields in its work by highest administrative systems which based to arrangement, and the Processions for the latest global developments in the fields of production , services, technical and administrative.


The duty of our corporation is to announce about the reason of its existence and the purpose of its continuity. And by building itself Scientifically Properly constructing, it serves its society and establish for the new generation of Yemeni Institutions which strive to keep up with developments and to stay on the map of competition which expending day by day and become more difficult as a result of the fast developments.